San Antonio, TX – Kyle Sinclair, the Republican candidate for the 28th Congressional District of Texas, has announced his decision to withdraw from the race. Despite his deep commitment to the conservative principles and the issues that drew him into the campaign, personal circumstances have compelled him to step aside. Kyle nonetheless remains dedicated to championing the conservative causes that are crucial to the future of our district and our nation.

“I want to thank everyone who supported me in this campaign for conservative change. I am indebted to your dedication and unwavering belief in my ability to represent the interests and values of the 28th District,” said Kyle Sinclair. “Looking forward, I intend to continue my engagement with the community, supporting conservative organizations, and advocating for the issues that are vital to our district. I will continue to work closely with local leaders and concerned citizens to advance the conservative agenda.”

Throughout his campaign, Kyle has passionately advocated for conservative values and policies that resonate with the residents of the 28th District. Recognizing the significance of limited government, border security, fiscal responsibility, and individual liberties, he stood as a staunch advocate for the conservative vision, striving to promote policies that would uplift our communities and empower our citizens.

About Kyle

Kyle serves as CEO of a local San Antonio hospital. He has a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration Service with a minor in Military Science (Army ROTC) from Weber State University where he was commissioned as a Medical Service Corps Officer in the U.S. Army and later graduated Magna Cum Laude with a master’s in healthcare administration from Ohio University. For more information, visit KyleFor28.com

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